Personal Injury Attorney in Pomona

Navigating the future following a personal injury can prove extremely difficult. Making decisions under these conditions can be challenging and upsetting because our disabled clients don’t deal with these cases often. At the JL Firm, we do deal with these problems on a daily basis – and that qualifies and equips us to help you when you need it most. Our skilled and reputable personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys are here to advocate on your behalf. Since our locally-owned and locally-operated firm is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, you can trust our team to handle your case competently. Nowhere else in the state of California will you find a collection of attorneys who are more tenacious, dependable, compassionate, or honest! To take the crucial next step toward recovery, contact The JL Firm right away.

Practice Areas

Dog Bites

Given that more than five million dog bites occur each year, you are undoubtedly not the only one suffering from the repercussions of a dog-related injury. Because dog bites occur so frequently, The JL Firm’s reputable dog bite attorney is knowledgeable about all the nuances of dog bite legalities. Since we genuinely care about you and the suffering you’re experiencing, all we want is for you to receive the compensation and justice you so richly deserve. You could have a scar, an infection, a broken bone, or another condition as a result of a dog bite. Perhaps a horrific dog attack resulted in the death of your loved one. Please get in touch with The JL Firm so we can put you in contact with an animal bite attorney right away if you or a loved one have been injured by a dog. You will be well on your way to recovery sooner than you ever imagined because your California dog bite attorney will be there to fight for you and assist you throughout the judicial process.


Being able to defend and assist our clients in their time of need is a privilege for The JL Firm. We would be pleased to meet with you and assist you in obtaining the resolution you deserve if you have been the victim of assault or if someone you care about requires the services of an assault injury attorney. Known as one of life’s most heinous and brutal acts, assault can cause physical suffering, mental and emotional strain, financial hardships, and other detrimental effects. We strongly advise you to get in touch with a Pomona assault lawyer at The JL Firm right away if you’re unsure how to proceed in the wake of this challenging and delicate matter. We’ll arrange a meeting to go over the extent of your wounds, assist you in creating a clear plan of action, and offer our best counsel on pursuing injury costs resulting from the assault. Your assault injury lawyer is prepared to support you from the first meeting through the day you receive compensation.

Auto Accidents

You might feel like everything in your life has changed after a vehicle accident occurs. You undoubtedly have many questions, and it can be terrifying to face the many uncertainties that lie ahead. Who will cover my medical expenses? Will I get compensated fairly? Will I be able to fully heal, or will I have to deal with the effects for a long while? It’s completely normal to feel like you have more questions than answers, but we would be happy to assist. Contact your car accident lawyer at The JL Firm to start the process as soon as possible. You may have been significantly impacted by the carelessness of another driver, but you don’t have to carry that burden forever. As you seek justice and attempt to rebuild your life, your compassionate and encouraging California car accident attorney will assist you at every turn of the legal process.

Construction Accidents

It’s possible that as a visitor or employee on a construction site, you are unaware of how dangerous everything actually is. According to our experience, those who have been in the construction sector for a longer time tend to be less worried about the dangers associated with their line of work. Our construction accident attorneys have managed cases involving about every conceivable form of accident on a building site, so we are aware of how drastically these occurrences can differ. Your Pomona construction accident lawyer at The JL Firm will be by your side throughout the legal process if the incident involved you or a loved one and resulted in tragic, disabling, or severe injuries. You are well aware of how difficult and perplexing things might be if you are an injured construction worker or someone looking for justice on behalf of a loved one. Your sensitive and caring construction injury lawyer will be available to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Wrongful Death

Knowing what to do when a loved one passes away suddenly and unfairly can be difficult. Your ability to cope with this loss and begin the next chapter of your life will be greatly influenced by how you seek justice for your loved one. The JL Firm is here to fight for your family’s rights to financial compensation for the awful and absolutely horrific loss you have all suffered. You’ll likely experience psychological suffering, financial difficulties, and emotional pain following such a significant loss. Even if we are unable to alleviate the sorrow and suffering it caused, our wrongful death law firm in Pomona will do everything in our power to assist you in holding the individual or people accountable for the loss of your loved one.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can negatively impact your life, whether you are the victim or the driver at fault. These mishaps usually happen suddenly and without warning. Both parties will require the assistance of a pedestrian accident lawyer when a car strikes a person. Every year, about 6,000 Americans lose their lives in pedestrian accidents, giving rise to countless wrongful death lawsuits. Your pedestrian accident lawyer at The JL Firm is here to assist, whether you hit someone with your own vehicle, were harmed while crossing the street, or were involved in another type of pedestrian accident. The at-fault party occasionally has a convincing defense that refutes any negligence or misconduct, notwithstanding the victims’ entitlement to justice and recompense. All of these cases are very complicated and unique in their own ways. Your personal accident lawyer in California is knowledgeable in the intricacies of the legal system, and we will stand by your side throughout the course of the litigation process.

Workers’ Compensation

It’s crucial to start the workers’ compensation claims application process as soon as you can after suffering a working accident. To protect yourself, provide for yourself, and make future plans, there are rules you must abide by, deadlines you must be aware of, and strategies you must use. Due to these factors, time is of the essence in these situations. After being hurt at work, one of your first duties should be to find a local Pomona workers’ compensation attorney. The JL Company can assist you with meeting all deadlines, compiling the necessary documentation and proof, and obtaining the compensation you are entitled to. We assist injured workers just like you every day, and it would be our delight to assist you during this very difficult time.

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